The Illinois Sixth Judicial Circuit, Macon County, is expanding access to justice by offering virtual proceedings via Zoom videoconferencing. In accordance with MC Administrative Order 23-AO-01 litigants and attorneys can attend remotely if you are unable to appear in-person and the Judge has accepted your request for remote hearing.  To attend remotely you will need a computer with a working camera and microphone or a smartphone as well as a stable internet connection or data.  You will also need to know your case number and Judge who is hearing the case.  When a remote hearing is granted by the Judge the court shall provide adequate notice to the parties according to the contact information provided in your request for remote hearing.  

Before the hearing you will need to install Zoom on your computer or mobile device and create a Zoom account (free) in order to authenticate and be admitted into the hearing.

In order to participate remotely in Adult Court the litigant must read and acknowledge the following conditions:

  1. I have a right to be physically present in a courtroom for every substantive proceeding in my case(s), such as proceedings that are critical to the outcome of my case or where my presence in court has a reasonably substantial relationship to the fullness of my opportunity to defend the charges made against me. I may be in a different location than my defense counsel during a remote appearance. I understand it is my responsibility to tell the Judge if at any time I need to privately communicate with my attorney during the proceeding.
  2. A remote appearance means that I, the court, and/or other participants may participate using video or telephonic conferencing.
  3. Any remote appearance may be viewable by the public over the internet or other method of streaming or broadcasting.
  4. The legal effect of the remote appearance will be the same as an in-person appearance. I have read and understand the above, and by acknowledging this document, I freely and voluntarily waive my right to an in-person proceeding and consent to a remote appearance for the proceeding indicated. No force, threats or promises were used to obtain my waiver and consent.
  5. Audio or video recording of any part of a hearing or trial without the Judge's permission can be a violation of court rules and regulations. An individual who attempts to record court room transactions without full disclosure to the court can be sanctioned and held in contempt of court.

If you would like to request to appear remotely please contact the appropriate Judicial Clerk for the Judge hearing the case.  Contact information may be found on the Contact tab as well as in the MC Administrative Order 23-AO-01