Contact the Circuit Clerk of Macon County with your questions.

Macon County Circuit Clerk

Phone: (217) 424-1454
Fax: (217) 424-1350

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Macon County Circuit Court

Phone: (217) 425-7098
Fax: (217) 425-9292

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Macon County Public Defender

Phone:  (217) 425-7011 


Email these Divisions:

Bookkeeping/Child Support Division
Civil Division
Criminal/Traffic Division
Jury Information
Probate/Juvenile Division
General Information

This email is intended for official correspondence to the Circuit Clerk offices of Bookkeeping/Child Support, Civil, Criminal, Traffic, Jury, Probate/Juvenile and General information only.  Email intended for the Circuit Court/Judiciary will not be re-routed.  Contact information is provided for the Circuit Court above.